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AU SAPNA - Bollywood Dance ((AU SAPNA))

Established in September 2012, Bollywood is a form of Indian dance fusion. This club will perform and compete on campus, but will also take part in off campus competitions and events. Auditions necessary. Like us on Facebook, at

Badminton Club

The badminton club started in Fall 2011. They compete in tournaments and against local clubs.

Baseball Club

The Baseball Club will officially become active for the first time this fall, 2013. This club will look to establish a solid roster of players for practices and future competitions.

Equestrian Club

The equestrian club was established in January of 2012. The club competed in their first show in the spring of 2013 and all of the members placed! The club is both competitive and recreational.

Fencing Club

The fencing club was established in May 2010. The goal of the club is to provide both male and female students an opportunity to experience this unique sport through instruction and competition.

Hip Hop Dance "Evolution"

Established in Spring 2005 as a more competitive and developed level for students who participate in the group fitness offering of this activity. The Hip-Hop Club offers instruction, performance and competition

Men's Basketball Club

Established in May of 2009, this competitive club is very active. The men's basketball club scrimmages against local clubs and last year traveled to tournaments at Maryland, Penn State, and Boston University.

Men's Soccer Club

The men's soccer club has been active since March 2010. They are looking for players who enjoy soccer and have a drive to play at a competitive level.

Parkour and Freerunning Club

Established in April, 2013, the main focus of this club is to train people in the arts of Parkour and Freerunning and to raise awareness of what Parkour and Freerunning really is.

Step Team "AU Paws"

This club was added to the roster of Sport Clubs in Spring 2005. Already in existence for several years, the STEP team offers instruction, participation, and competition in the exciting emerging art of STEP dance and performance.

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