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Adelphi Christian Fellowship

Adelphi Christian Fellowship's mission is to transform lives, renew Adelphi's campus, and, ultimately, change the world through community, leadership, and spiritual development. We meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 in the UC Chapel.

Chabad Jewish Student Group

Serving the needs of the Jewish student community at Adelphi. The home away from home for every student looking for a Jewish experience! Join the Chabad family!

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Students Association of Adelphi University is a constituted organization on campus that serves to promote unity among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is also for those interested in learning about the Islamic religion in general.

Newman Club

Newman Club is a Catholic organization where students pray, deepen their relationships with God, perform service for the surrounding community

Sikhs United (Sikh Club)

In this club, it's not only about religion but rather about making a change through social/educational events, creative fundraising initiatives, and community service! Our events simply promote peace and equality.